Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Courtney

Courtney LOVES any stuffed animal! So for her birthday of course she wanted a Webkinz and the Littlest Pet Shop stuffed animal! She really wanted to have a Littlest Pet Shop birthday but we could only find paper products online. Finding this out the day before her birthday did not leave time to order them! She settled on a homemade cake from mom and stickers on plain plates! She picked her favorite foods-Grilled Salmon, Sweet potato fries, broccoli and cauliflower. We had these for dinner.
Courtney is our dramatic child so the night proved to be interesting. She ate her dinner quickly and then proceeded to wash the dinner dishes. Tim, the rest of the kids, Grandma, Grandpa and I were still filling our plates. She really wanted to open her presents! When we finally decided it was time to open gifts, Courtney had a dramatic reaction to each one. I was not particularly thrilled with her dramatic fainting, throwing the gifts in the air, or screaming, so there are no photos of this behavior. She did receive some nice things and her big gift from the American Girl Store has yet to arrive (Nellie). I can't believe she is six. She will be starting first grade in a few weeks! Time is really flying by!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pretty Girl!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Courtney turns FIVE!

Courtney's birthday was on July 18th. We celebrated early with Nanny and Aunt Ann when they were here for the 4th of July. We also celebrated as a family on her birthday with ice cream treats and presents. Finally we ended the celebrating by having a tea party for her friends at our house. The girls had so much fun decorating hats, making jewelry, having tea, and just being girls! You can see all the pictures from her birthday in Our Photo Albums.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Big Girl Bike!

I have been practicing riding my big girl bike this summer. When my Nanny was here I couldn't wait to show her how I could ride. I am working hard to catch up with Jesse and Isabelle. Well I better go practice.

New Haircut!

When I was little I had my haircut short. My mom wanted me to grow it out, so for the last few years we have let it grow. Everyone always said they loved my long brown hair. Lately, I have been asking my mom if we can get it cut like when I was little. She finally let me! I love my new haircut. My sister Isabelle told me I was so cute she couldn't stop looking at me. My Mom and my brother Jesse told me they went into the beauty shop with one girl and came out with another. I don't know about all that but I do like all the attention. I can even brush my hair myself now!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tea Party

One day my mom watched my best friend Audrey while her mom went to the doctor. We love to dress up and play tea party. My mom made a coffee cake, some sandwiches, and carrots for us to eat. We had such a good time pouring our tea and eating our lunch. It is so much fun to pretend we are grown up. Sarah even played with us. Mom says she is getting so big. I am pretty lucky to have sisters who are also my friends. Seth was so cute. When we were playing tea party he was playing trains downstairs. After we were done he came upstairs and ate everything we left behind. You can see all of the pictures of my fun day in my photo albums!

Friday, April 27, 2007

New Dress

My Nanny sent me this new dress she bought at an after Easter sale. I love to dress pretty. This dress twirls around when I spin. Thanks Nanny!